Vilket däckmärke kör du på, kvinna?


Every third motorist do not know Which brand of tire They run on. Among Those Who Know, Women Are Significantly underrepresented. This shows a survey of 4,000 motorists in Scandinavia, Conducted by Michelin.

Another result of the gender theme in the survey Is that more women than ever before Replacing today Retweet tires on the car, but it is still but who take primary responsibility for the family car cheap tires


What’s worse, Is that only 34% of female motorists knowthat it is illegal to less than 1.6 mm tread depth of car summer tires. The Corresponding figure for men is almost twice as high.

On the theme of ”dangerous ignorance” demonstrates Michelin’s survey That more than one in ten motorists have the misconception That non-studded snow tires are better than summer tires on wet sommarväg. In fact, non-studded snow tires are considerably much worse than the summer, partly Because winter tire rubber compounds providesprofessional poor grip in hot summer tempera tures.

There is a difference in the tires. Not Least When It Comes to sporty low-profile tires. Remember That All the forces Transmitted Between the car and the road, Transmitted through contact surfaces That are barely larger than an imprint of a large shoe. Which brand you choose, make sure it’s a premium brand Which Adega safe traffic characteristics and not a hard plastic-like low-cost tires from the Far East. The Oriental apr tires have low rolling resistance but many of them overpriced worthless wet grip and pulled withother asked Qualities.

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06/13/2014 ..

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